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"Liuti" is one of my small designs. We have then in stainless steel (gold chain) or real silver.

I made this with an unusual technique called filigree (quilling), which consists of cutting and rolling strips of paper 5mm thick, to shape small pieces that, when gathered and adhered, give life to our vibrant colorful designs. I apply my own varnishing process by hand that consists of 4 stages in which all areas of our designs are carefully covered to keep them firm and protected against splashes, stains and water. Finally, I place the necessary metal pieces that can be stainless steel or silver and sometimes I add crystals or glitter to add an extra personal touch.
The hole process is completely handmade and takes me approximately 16 hours (2-3 hrs quilling paper and the rest varnishing, ading metal and packaging)

Liuti necklace

SKU: LiutiNm
$20.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
Color : mint
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