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Hello, my name is Marcela Peinado and I love to do handmade stuff using organic materials as paper, wood, and recycled materials like fabrics and leather. I also like to paint using watercolors on cards and acrylics on any kind of surface. I'm always working on something new and keeping your favorites in stock.

How I started

I studied education and graduated at the age of 24, I found another of my passions at 29 when I began to pay real attention to my artistic qualities and decided that it was not too late to start something different. I realized that I had a knack for working with paper that could become a talent. When I got to work and began to practice what I do today, I noticed that the ideas flowed easily. I took the necessary time to structure and plan my ideal business, in harmony with the person I am and what I want to contribute to society.

I grew up very close to one of the 8 Yaqui towns in Sonora, so their culture has influenced me a lot since it seems worthy of great respect and appreciation for being a complex, mysterious, strong tribe, possessing great wisdom, but above all for the great link they maintain with their faith and nature.

I found a way to relate my ideas to my essence and everything started to make a lot of sense. I was able to choose materials from a respectful perspective of the environment and incline my designs towards natural objects that identify many of us, bring back memories or simply generate joy and that's what you are going to find here.

It makes me very happy to feel that I have managed to turn my brand into a celebration of colors and shapes that represent life for me, with its mysteries, personalities and simplicity that are part of the days of my clients.

Where we are..

This is my second year in the United States and I'm loving it.. We are applying for arts and crafts events even outside of Arizona (I've been only in this state until now) so I'm excited, everything was new for me last year and It looks that I'll keep the feeling this year too (with less communication issues hopefully).

I love to meet people who like arts and crafts too, and also answer all the questions as a vendor. I think is a perfect opportunity to share what I do, also bring new ideas to make this small business grow in an organic way.

This year I'm open to have my products on physical stores, I'm finding my place. I just started this February on an artisan gallery in the Southern Arizona Animal Food Bank, here in Tucson Az. 

I'm also looking for the best ways to get to you by social media and any helpful tool that I find. Thank you and feel free to contact me if you have any suggestion, idea, small business to share or you just want to say hi.

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